iOS app design & development

What we use in iOS app development

iOS app design & development

Now-a-days the market is flooded with a plenty of mobile devices, but Apple continues at its best pace whether it is about the performance, gadget's looks or any new app. Radon, one of the top mobile development companies offering enormous and successful applications with the best customer experience and support.

APN (Apple push notification)

Apple push notifications enable an app that isn’t running in the foreground to let its users know it has information for them.

Multimedia, GPS Navigation, Compass, Sensor, Barcode Scanning

We are creating apps based on Multimedia, GPS Navigation, Compass, Sensor, Barcode Scanning.

Amazon, eBay, PayPal Api

The AWS, eBay and PayPal Mobile SDK helps you build high quality mobile apps quickly and easily.

iPhone Phone

Cloud Kit

Cloud Kit keeps your iOS apps connected and up-to-date. CloudKit JS, you can provide a web interface for your users to access the same data as your apps.

XCode 7 (latest IDE)

Xcode 7 includes everything that need to create amazing apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

XMPP (smack) for chat app

XMPP (smack) is used for real time communication. World's most popular chat apps used XMPP.